Best Food in Amritsar: 11 Food Dishes & Places to Eat in Amritsar

Take a look at some popular food dishes of Amritsar that even famous Bollywood stars and other celebrities are in love with.

best food in amritsar and places to eat food in amritsar

Amritsar, home of glorious Golden Temple is also popular for its delicious food.

Your Amritsar Journey will leave incomplete if you won’t try these food dishes during your visit to this city. The magical aroma and taste of food will blow your mind and give you the best-ever feeling.

Here’s the list of the best food in Amritsar and some famous places to eat them.

1. All India Famous Amritsari Kulcha

You have stepped into Amritsar but haven’t eaten Kulcha yet? Stop kidding me; you are missing such a delicious food in Amritsar because you are never going to get it outside Amritsar.

World Famous Celebrity Chef
‘Kunal Kapur’ loves it.

However, some places do claim that they are serving Amritsari Kulcha but the truth is it is not authentic and yummy as it is in Amritsar.

Kulcha is something that once you put it in your mouth, you will lose yourself in its taste and urge for more. Don’t forget trying it as it’s something one should never miss during ones trip to Amritsar.

Amritsari Kulcha has gained popularity all over the world just because of its flavourful taste. It is a traditional breakfast of every Amritsari.

Recommended places

Monu Kulcha Hut
Location – Loharkan Road (Get Directions)

2. Amritsari Lassi

Lassi is the traditional sweet drink of Punjab but again you can never get it as tasty as it is in Amritsar. If you’re looking for something best to drink in Amritsar then a glass of chilled lassi is a must. It’s a dahi (Yogurt)-based drink.

Even the famous actor Abhishek Bachchan was delighted by the taste of Amritsari Lassi.

In some shops you can get Mango Lassi, Kesar Lassi etc. But the authentic Amritsari Lassi is only one so if the shopkeeper insists you to try other flavours you can try it but don’t forget to have the original version first.

In the glass, a layer of butter is placed at the top. You can scoop it or drink it. It is so buttery that it will melt your heart with its taste. You shouldn’t leave this city without trying special frothy lassi, it will make your journey more delightful.

Recommended places

Ahuja Lassi
Location: Dhab Khatikan (Get Directions)

3. Puri-Chhole

Puri Chhole is a popular food that is also seen in many other cities in India. But, Amritsari Puri Chhole comes with a more pleasing taste. That is why world renowned celebrity chef ‘Mr. Sanjeev Kapoor’ loves Puri Chhole of ‘Kanha Sweets’

Amritsari Puri Chhole is completely different in taste from others; you will get to know when you taste it.

Puri is a small flatbread prepared from refined flour that is deep-fried and is served with spicy curry made with white chickpea (chhole).

So, if you’re visiting Amritsar, savour your moments with every bite of puri dipped with curry and make your visit more special. It is one of the best food in Amritsar.

Recommended places

Kanha Sweets
Location: Lawrence Road (Get Directions)

4. Dal Makhni and Palak Paneer

If you’re in Amritsar and haven’t tasted Dal Makhni and Palak Paneer yet, I am sorry but you’re really missing something important. Both the dishes are tempting and mouth-watering.

Dal makhani is prepared with black dal (black gram) and butter and is usually eaten with butter Nan (Indian bread) or rice. Whereas, palak paneer is soft cheese mixed with a thick paste made from spinach and seasoned with spices.

So, make sure you try both the things before leaving the city.

See what a popular Indian-Canadian actress “Lisa Ray” says about the delicious food at Kesar Da Dhaba.

Recommended places

Kesar Da Dabha
Location: Chowk Passian, near Telephone Exchange, Amritsar (Get Directions)

5. Makki Ki Roti and Sarson ka Saag

This is a traditional food of Punjab. Even the ancestors of Punjab used to celebrate every festival and occasion with Makki ki Roti and Sarson ka Saag.

So, if you are travelling to Amritsar, eating this dish should be the first thing in your to-do list.

Sarson Da Saag is spicy and delicious that is made with mustard leaves or fresh sarson leaves and is served with Makki ki roti (Punjabi bread made from corn).

The combination of Makki ki Roti and Sarso da Saag is what makes them so unique. Once you eat it, you will get to know why it is so admired dish in Punjab’s culture

Famous Indian comedian Sudesh Lehri had visited Bhrawan Da Dhaba and enjoyed eating the traditional food of Amritsar.

Recommended places

Bhrawan Da Dhaba
Location: Near Golden Temple (Get Directions)
Location: B – Block, Ranjit Avenue (Get Directions)

6. Amritsari Fish

If you are a non-vegetarian and looking for best non-veg food in Amritsar then you must try juicy, crispy and delicious Amritsari Fish.

It is so good in taste that Bollywood stars Rishi Kapoor and Randhir Kapoor visited Makhan Fish Amritsar.

Every bite has a taste of Indian spices. It is crispy from outside but juicy from inside and it just melts in your mouth.

Recommended places

Makhan Fish and Chicken Corner
Location: Majitha Road (Get Directions)

7. Phirni

Are you a dessert lover?

Doesn’t Mind. This dessert which I have listed now will make you fall in love with desserts. Phirni is an Amritsari dessert hence it is available only in Amritsar.

It is made with ground rice and milk and flavoured with some almonds and saffron.  It is always eaten chilled with the garnishing of nuts and edible silver leaf.

Recommended places

Kesar Da Dabha
Location: Chowk Passian, near Telephone Exchange, Amritsar (Get Directions)

8. Jalebi

Jalebi is also very famous dessert in Amritsar. It is so yummy and crispy that you can’t stop yourself from eating it. Jalebi is spiral in shape. It is deep-fried in ghee and then dipped into sugar syrup.

And yes, Amritsar has the best Jalebi in India. There is an old famous jalebi wala in this city who’s selling jalebi from last 60 years. So, if you want to try best food in Amritsar near golden temple, you can this sweet treat.

If a Chef Harpal Singh has admired Jalebi of Gurdas Ram Jalebi Wala, there must be some magic in it.

Recommended places

Gurdas Ram Jalebi Wala
Location: Katra Ahluwalia Near Golden Temple (Get Location)

Sharma Sweet Shop
Location: Nai Sarak, Lawrence Road (Get Location)

9. Samosa

You might have tasted samosa from many places in India, but if you haven’t tried the famous samosa of Amritsar, you’re unlucky.

Ranveer Brar, a renowned Indian chef had been to one of the oldest and famous shops in Amritsar, Beera Samose Wala, to eat the best Snacks of the city.

Amritsar has the best samosa shop in India. It’s so crunchy that it will take your breath away with its taste. It is filled with spiced potatoes, onions, peas or lentils and is served with launji (sweet and spicy potato curry).

There is magic in the hands of age-old vendors in Amritsar, who prepare samosa in their own traditional style. You are definitely going to love this snack.

Recommended places

Beera Samosa Wala
Location: Atta Mandi, Katra Ahluwalia (Get Directions)

10. Fruit Cream

Here we have our next sweet dish that is also very famous in this city. You may have tasted ice-creams mixed with fruits. But, have you ever eaten ice-cream rich in dry fruits?

Yes, you can get this creamy, healthy and crusty ice-cream in Amritsar. It is unique and tasty that you will twirl with delight after eating the first scoop of it.

Rejoice every moment in Amritsar with a cup of fruit cream and make your every bit of it sweet.

Recommended places

Guru Di Hatti
Location: Lohgarh Gate (Get Directions)

11. Kulfa

This is a better version of commonly called “Kulfi”, but is even more delicious. It is a wholesome sweet dish made with mouth-watering ingredients such as phirni, faluda, goond-katira and more.

Even a famous Indian actor “Vivek Oberoi” praised this desert during his visit to Amritsar.

Your Amritsar journey can’t be complete without eating Kulfa as this is something never to be missed. So be sure to try this dish because you won’t find this thing anywhere else.

Recommended places

A-One Kulfa
Location: Queen’s Road (Get Directions)

These eleven food items are a must to try if you’re visiting Amritsar or already live there. Also, I’ve written the best places to eat in Amritsar.
Trust me! The above food items will add more flavours to your city’s journey and makes it more pleasing.

So, while you explore this city, don’t forget to explore its food because there is a secret in the taste of every food item I’ve mentioned.

Punjab has the best food in Amritsar and If want to know more about its culture and people, you’ve to start with its food first.

And if you think that we forgot to mention any popular food here in our list, please write it in the comment box below. We are open to suggestions too.


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